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Outreach, Exposure, and International Exchange Program at Infix Edu

Explore new skills, deepen passions, and get lost in creativity with Infix Edu. Uncover surprises and find inspiration in a myriad of exploration opportunities.

Bus Transportation

Enjoy hassle-free commuting with our dedicated bus transportation service. We prioritize safety, comfort, and punctuality to ensure a smooth journey for students to and from the school

AC Smart Classrooms

Experience education in a modern setting with our air-conditioned smart classrooms. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, these classrooms facilitate interactive and engaging learning, providing students with a dynamic academic environment


Immerse yourself in hands-on learning in our state-of-the-art laboratories. From science experiments to technological exploration, our labs are designed to foster curiosity and innovation, enabling students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios

World-Class Library

Step into a world of knowledge in our world-class library. Boasting an extensive collection of books, digital resources, and a serene atmosphere, our library serves as a hub for research, study, and the joy of reading.